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October News

A Message From the Principal:

Dear Merryhill Parents,

A new opportunity for our school to earn “free cash” from Amazon has been offered to our school. It works much like the “Box Tops for Education” program which we have benefited from for many years. The process is simple. Amazon has assigned our school a unique link that anyone can use to access Amazon.com. Parents still use their own login and personal account to shop. The only difference is that our school code is embedded in the link. This school code lets Amazon know that you are being referred by your school site. And for you using this link our school will receive up to 10% in referral fees for any purchases that are made on the Amazon site. It costs you nothing and we get cash to spend in our classrooms. And we can even earn more if you will share the link with family, friends, and even businesses then when they use this link to shop our school will get up to 10% on their purchases too! Use the link below and shop Amazon as usual. Like magic, our school will get a percentage of the purchase total!

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