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March News

A Message From the Principal:

Dear Parents,

I appreciate you taking the time to complete the PAR survey that was sent out in January. The survey provided me with a lot of feedback and good information to help improve and build on at our school. There were many positive things you mentioned in your surveys and many improvements you have seen. A couple of the things that you like are the teachers and the family community our school has. I also absolutely adore our teachers and think we have an amazing teaching team. I strive to create a family community within our school and am so excited to see that you recognized it.

I also loved your honesty on things you would like to see improvements on. One thing I heard from you is that you would like us to look at our menu. While we do serve fresh vegetables and fruit most days, we fail to communicate that well. I will also be looking into serving more whole grains and less sugars. More to come, but I wanted you to know that I did hear you. Communication, communication, communication – you want more! I will be updating my email list to ensure I have everyone.

Also, while we try to use less paper, I am realizing sometimes hard copies are needed. Look for many things to come in both email form and hard copy (newsletters). You like our curriculum but would like to know more about it. The Links to Learning curriculum is top notch and we are excited to see how much the children are learning each day. I will be working hard to help you see the impact our curriculum has on your children.

While you really like our teachers, I need to do a better job of informing you of new hires, staffing changes, etc. I will continue to improve in these areas and in the others you have listed as well.

Thank you again for this gift of information. Always know I have an open door and appreciate feedback any time!


Carolyn Ammidown, Principal

Fall Early Bird Registration

Registration for next fall is right around the corner. Early bird registration will begin March 16th-27th. If you pay your registration fee during these two weeks, the cost will only be $100 instead of $160.

What is Parent Share?

I am sure many of you have noticed that we have implemented new updates a couple of times a week via email about what is happening in your child’s class. These are done by the teachers in the classroom with an iPod. This is meant to improve our communication of our Links to Learning curriculum. Please let me know if you are not receiving these emails so that we can add you to the distribution list.

March Birthdays

  • Zane M – 3/7
  • Minoli Y – 3/15
  • Joseph M – 3/21
  • Ashlyn – 3/24
  • Rylann F. – 3/26



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