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May Newsletter

Message from the Principal

Merryhill Families,

Can you believe we are into May?  With the presence of spring we begin looking ahead to summer.  Have you secured your child’s placement for our summer camp?  Merryhill offers summer camp from June 8 – August 7.  Please see the front desk or your child’s teacher for more information or to register for summer camp.

With the warm weather and the increase sun exposure, we are reminded of the importance of sun screen.  We will happily apply and keep lotion sunscreen for your child.  Simply fill out a sunscreen release form, located at the front office and we will apply sunscreen as needed throughout the school day.

Don’t forget the Merryhill family picnic is May 15.  This is an event everyone is invited to and we look forward to seeing your whole family.  The picnic is scheduled from 11:30 – 1:30.  Last year’s was fantastic and we all had a great time.  See you there!

We are very excited to announce our annual graduation will take place on May 27, at 9:30 a.m.  Please feel free to take your child out to celebrate after their graduation ceremony.  If you are not able to send the day with your child we will of course offer care as usual for the children.

This year we are also hosting the first annual Pre-k prom.  This will be a special event on May 29.  Please watch for more details as the event comes closer.

Many preschool children begin recognizing familiar words before they are recognizing letter sounds.  For example, your child may read the word “stop”, because they recognize it from the daily walks you take together.  Reinforce their independence by pointing out highly familiar words as you go through your daily routines.

Children love stories that have clear structure and specific story elements.  It is ok to reread stories often and for children to ask similar questions during each reading.  During shared readings students are learning stories have a beginning, a middle and an end.  They also learn stories include characters and a setting (where the story takes place).  By reading together you can model how good readers gather information as they read.  Both reading and discussing the story lets children know reading is enjoyable and something to be shared.

By capitalizing on the natural reading opportunities throughout your time spent with your children, will be time well spent!  Enjoy the world of literacy with your child.


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