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Midtown’s Gallery

Using the hallway bulletin boards, teachers showcase the learning process

When walking through an art gallery, a visiting patron expects to see the gallery representing their featured artist(s). The works displayed often say something about a theme, a trend or the beliefs of that group of artists.  Often, a museum is set apart by the distinguished artist’s works that hang on the walls. At Merryhill Midtown, we believe our hallway walls are like an art gallery and like a gallery, represent our distinguished artists: the students and teachers. The school culture, philosophy and mission can be seen represented through these works of art. The boards tell a story of what our school is all about: educating 21st century learners, authentic and engaging project-based learning, technology integration, differentiation, rigor and collaboration and establishing a strong foundation of core content and then digging deep. With a school-wide emphasis on the process of learning, our gallery viewers will not see twenty finished products lined neatly in a row; instead, teachers display work from the beginning of the learning to the end. When looking at a process board, Midtown patrons should expect to see rough drafts, brainstorms, practice assignments, pictures of hands-on and engaging activities and finally, the final product showcasing the mastered content. Like an art gallery, written descriptions can be found to assist viewers in understanding the steps in the learning process and providing background knowledge, where necessary. Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) icons are displayed to indicate the connection from the showcased work to the type of learning that took place in the classroom. With this in mind, get ready for your private showing as teachers begin to transform Midtown’s gallery into our first student learning showcase. 

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