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Whose Job Is It To Feed Kids Healthy

Happy New Year!  Eating healthy is one of the top New Year’s resolutions for 2017.  The start of a new year is a great time for conversations with your family about what’s most important in life, with healthy choices at the top of many people’s lists.  After all, what’s more important in life than your health and the health of the ones you love?

In addition to making a personal commitment to living a healthy life, it’s also a great time to consider all the multi-layered spheres of influence that may serve to support or undermine even the best of intentions. It’s important for everyone, and especially parents, to be champions for family health, which includes increasing exposure to positive messages that support your health initiatives to steering clear of negative ones that jeopardize progress.

There is a steep hill for us to climb in 2017, given a barrage of discouraging news we received in 2016 about the state of our own and our children’s health (check out our BLOG article for the full story):

  • Obesity is not improving
  • Mortality rate decreased for first time in a decade
  • Kids are watching more unhealthy food ads than ever

So we have a question for you….whose job is it to ensure kids eat healthy, anyway?  

  • Is it the child who decides what, when, where, and how to feed their growing bodies?
  • Is it parents who allow certain foods to come into their home or choose the restaurants for their family’s meals?
  • Is it schools, where kids eat 1/3 or more of their daily calories, that are responsible for ensuring at least those calories are nutritious ones?
  • Is it the food industry, who knowingly laces processed foods with enough sugar, salt, and fat that a “craveability factor” is triggered, making it difficult to stop craving certain foods?
  • Is it our government, who subsidizes certain crops at the expense of health?
  • Is it the community at large….the above constituents and more, who need to come together collaboratively to drive a massive health turnaround in our nation.

Take a few minutes out of your day today and ask your child whose job it is that kids eat healthy.  You may be surprised at their response!  Better yet, capture the moment on video and upload it to your Facebook page and tag WT Café (@WholesomeTummies), we would love to hear what your kids have to say about eating healthy!

May the gift of health, happiness, and peace be yours this 2017.
-WT Café

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