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Design Thinking and Technology

Across our campus students are preparing their health-based design thinking projects, which utilize our Student Learning Outcomes and technology to build cross-curricular connections.

In the primary grades (JrK through second grade), students are focusing on Body Health – Just the Facts. This includes safety, personal care/hygiene, nutrition, and fitness. For example, using Epic!, the Kindergarten class will actively listen aloud to non-fiction texts about dentistry in order to gain background knowledge during the “discover” phase. Second grade, on the other hand, is employing technology in both the “discover” and “produce” phases. To start their projects, the second graders used their iPads to research specific fitness activities that target strength, endurance, and flexibility. They will then be applying this knowledge to create interactive calendars on Pages which feature targeted fitness goals and activity suggestions.

In the upper elementary grades, students are focusing on Mental Health: Connecting Body & Mind. This includes positive mindsets, stress & anxiety, and nutrition. For example, the third graders read picture books about mindfulness and are now working to create Public Service Announcements about each book’s message using iMovie. Then, as socially responsible citizens, they plan to share their PSAs with our campus and other local schools. In fifth grade, students are working to become informed on nutritional issues affecting school age children. Some students are using iMovie or Keynote to create informational pieces on gardening for a variety of spaces, while others are working to create farm to fork subscription boxes.

In Middle School, the students are focusing on Complex Influences on Our Health Habits. This includes impacts on the community, media, and government. Students are using their research on health topics to innovatively demonstrate their knowledge through websites, PSAs, games, and more.

Look for these projects and more at our Spring Open House on Thursday, March 23!

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