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World of Engineering: Specialty Summer Camp

Do you love engineering and design? Or do you enjoy taking your ideas from paper to reality through use of the 3D printer? If so, our World of Engineering camp is for you! In this specialty camp, students will explore the many avenues of design that our 3D modeling applications provide, as well as discover many of the other cool products and designs that people all over the world have been creating through 3D modeling and printing! Campers will participate in prize-based design contests, find creative new ways to use and play with 3D prints, and learn to master the tools of the digital trade. And, of course, campers get to keep anything and everything they 3D print!

The first day of each week, campers will learn fundamentals and get hands-on experience using the computers, modelings programs, and the 3D pens. Campers will also watch inspiring videos, conduct online research, and enjoy playing and learning with other hands-on modeling materials (like Legos, Zoobs, modeling clay, plus much more!). Day two is challenge day: campers receive a special set of modeling tasks in a game format that they will work to complete, thus proving their readiness for the next stage. By day three, campers will already working on individual designs and begin printing. Day four gives campers extra time to preview the 3D models and complete the printing. And finally, by day five, campers will put their 3D prints to good use: in stop-motion animations, as board game pieces, and even as practical tools, neat keepsakes, and mementos to take home!

There’s nothing quite like seeing something on paper or the screen come to life in 3D! Come out and join us!

Grades 1-3: Week 6 (7/10-7/14)

Grades 4-5: Week 7 (7/17-7/21)

Monday through Friday — 9:30am-11:30pm

Click here for more information about Midtown’s M2Camp summer program.

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