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New Playground Equipment

You may have noticed all the new playground equipment for students to use during recess or after school. In an effort to provide our students with a wider variety of choices during recess and after school, we have added several new items to our collection of outdoor equipment. 

Gaga Pit – Students in the lower elementary grades are a buzz about our new Gaga Ball Pit. The Gaga Pit is a large circular enclosure that allows students to play a variety of easy, fun and fast moving ball games within the center play “arena”. The Gaga Pit is currently located on the far side of the V Street Playground. More information about Gaga Ball is available at http://www.gagaballpit.com/

Gym-I-Nee Chute Hoops – These chute hoops are a spin on the traditional basketball hoop. Each hoop features four extended-length chutes, each uniquely colored and numbered for various scoring options and math skill games. The Gym-I-Nee chute hoops, located on both V Street and the large playground, have been another favorite for students of all ages.

9 Square In the Air – This apparatus is like a giant 4 square structure but raised in the air. The game is a fun and addicting group challenge that combines volleyball with nine square on the ground. The goal is for students to guard their square and not let the ball fall or hit the structure. This game is both fun to play and fun to watch. It requires a lot of focus and hand-eye coordination. Our older students have really enjoyed this additional option at recess. 

Additionally, we also added an array of giant games and tinker toys that students have been using in the after school program. These new additions to the playgrounds help students to keep active, learn team building skills and most importantly have fun while playing outdoors!

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