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Social Emotional Learning at Midtown

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) classes at Midtown are focused on a variety of social emotional topics to help students better understand concepts such as communication, emotions, and attitude. The goal is to further solidify the concepts discussed while also providing a different view point to encourage students to grow academically and emotionally. Research shows that not only does SEL improve academic achievement but it also increases behaviors such as kindness, sharing, and empathy. Additionally, SEL programs have been linked to an improvement in student attitudes toward school.

At Midtown, our SEL program is broken into three areas: FIERCE focus, FIERCE feelings, and FIERCE actions. Each SEL area of study is explored over a trimester, with a monthly focus and weekly quotes. During the first trimester, students focused on the themes of classroom relationships, building a positive school culture, and being successful learners. Topics that have been covered in class include: becoming a leader, giving the benefit of the doubt, being respectful, mindful actions and words, active listening, and using positive self talk. Lessons are planned in conjunction with the topics covered by the classroom teacher in Monday Morning Meetings in an effort to encourage students to make connections and deepen their understanding of each topic.

Our second trimester will focus on FIERCE feelings. Refer to the cover of the Midtown family newsletter for more information about November’s monthly theme of empathy and for parent resources to help reinforce these important concepts at home.

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