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Just like the Dr. Seuss quote, “Think and wonder, wonder and think,” Midtown is deep in thought exploring the 8 science and engineering practices essential to the 21st century. These practices provide our students ample opportunity to discover new information, communicate with their peers, and interpret and analyze evidence to build upon their understanding. Students and teachers are enjoying the many hands-on learning opportunities STEMscopes provides, as students evolve into everyday scientists and engineers! First graders enjoyed investigating the behavior of light as they made shadows and reflections using flashlights as they worked towards discovering, why can’t we see in the dark? Second graders spent time investigating the properties of matter as they developed a deeper understanding of the effects of heat and cold on objects and why certain materials are more beneficial to use than others for intended purposes. Fourth graders discovered the effects of waves on the beach as they created their very own waves in the classroom as they investigated why some rock formations become smaller over time.

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