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October News

From the Principal

Fall is here and so begins my favorite time of the year.  October is packed with lots of activity around our Links to Learning Program.

We have two very special events coming up…Our Merryhill Pumpkin Patch and our Trunk-or-Treat event.

  • Merryhill Pumpkin Patch will happen on our Astro Turf yard on the morning of Thursday, October 18th.  We will all gather pumpkins, visit the animals (the petting farm is visiting) and have a picnic with our classrooms.
  • Trunk-or-Treat will be held on Wednesday, October 31st.  Children will have an opportunity to wear their costumes and visit all the fabulous Trunks to gather special treats.

Several things to remember…

  • Label all jackets.  With the weather being unpredictable, the children tend to take off their jackets and while we do our best to get them back into the correct cubby, it makes it much easier to return them if they are labeled with your child’s name.
  • Make sure your child’s cubby is stocked everyday with a weather appropriate change of clothes
  • Parking Lot Safety –
    • Please make sure that your child(ren) are with you at all times while in the parking lot.
    • Do not leave anything of value in the front seat of your car while you are dropping off or picking up your children.
    • Park only in the designated parking areas

We have had several new staff members join us this past month – I hope you have had a chance to meet everyone.  Below is the current staff at Park City Merryhill School…

  • Infants:  Ms. Ngan, Ms. Crystal, Ms. Carolyn (last day Oct. 5th), Ms. Sara, Ms. Janey and Ms. Nana
  • Toddlers:  Ms. Carmel, Ms. Pearl, Ms. Chandy
  • Beginner A’s:  Ms. Perlita, Ms. Sujeeva, Ms. Maxie and Ms. La
  • Beginner B’s:  Ms. Cyndi, Ms. Lora, Ms. Cassandra, Ms. Anisha
  • Intermediates:  Ms. Marilyn, Ms. Clari, Ms. Rose, Ms. Sara, Ms. Rebekah
  • Pre-K / Pre-K 2:  Ms. Kari, Mr. Alec, Ms. Paulina, Ms. Julie, Ms. Ami
  • After School:  Ms. Lisa
  • Cook:  Ms. Marisa
  • Floaters:  Ms. Sade, Ms. Gemma, Ms. Meuy
  • Assistant Principal:  Ms. Monique
  • Admin Assistant:  Ms. Kathy
  • Principal:  Ms. Susan

Looking forward to a wonderful October.  As always, we welcome your comments or questions anytime.  Stop by the office, call us or email anytime.

Ms. Susan – Principal

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