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June Newsletter

Welcome to Summer!  School agers will be doing a program called Summer of Discovery!  We will have weekly themes such as STEAM Collide, Crack the Code, Kids Helping Kids, & Dance Craze.  They will be doing field trips to Foot Golf, Berry Picking, Swimming, & Bowling.  You can check out the online calendar that will keep you on top of things.

Our Preschoolers will be following the Connect to Summer program where there will be themes like Trek Around the World, Food Factory Fun, Build it Together, & Lets Get Growing.  They will be visiting the blueberry farm, yogurt mill, McHenry Bowl & Rockin Jump.  And this calendar is also on the website.

We do have a couple of important dates for you this Month.  June 14th we will be having our PreK Graduation for all the children who will be going to Kindergarten this August.  It will be at 11:30 and followed by a pizza lunch & cupcakes, which is the choice of the students.

June 21st will be our Fathers Day BBQ & field day. Dads or significant others are invited to join us for some playground time at 11:30 and then have a BBQ lunch.  Bring a Frisbee, or basketball, a football or outdoor game item to play with your child.

We also want to let you know we are increasing our preschool program as of August 12th to include another 12 to 18 students.  With the addition of after school care & full day Kindergarten at most of the elementary schools, we are closing our Schoolage program.  This is bittersweet…we have had many children that came to us as infants & stayed until they were going off to Junior High.  We have enjoyed doing this but it is now time to move on.

Its going to be a great summer and were glad you are here!

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