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March 2021 News

A Note From Our Principal


Dear Families,

Welcome to our Tenth month of the 2020-2021 School year! WE ARE OPEN  to on campus learning and online Learning. 

We are enjoying our time with our students here on campus! The pandemic has not stopped our students from learning. Our students have adapted quickly and are  having so much fun. Come and join us!

Please note our current hours are 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Mrs. Lucy Nunez, Principal


Our school is OPEN and we are offering brick and mortar classes and distant learning options (New classes started on September 08, 2020).  We are still registering for our next 2020-2021 school year. If you haven’t registered please let me know as soon as possible.

We are now registering for the 2021-2022 schoolyear. You are welcomed to email me for more information at my email below.

For our new inquiries you can click here and join us for our Bingo Challenge and get to know a little more about our curriculum. Please email us lucy.nunez@merryhillschool.com for enrollment information.

Click here for the Bingo Challenge: BINGO CHALLENGE



For parent references please click the link below:


Spread the word and save on tuition!

Do you have a friend or family member who is looking for additional enrichment and learning for their preschooler during the day? Refer them to our Brick/Mortar classes or our Distance Learning program to earn one free week of tuition. Contact us for more details! Please share the following link with your friends.

Video Tour of Classrooms


Holidays -School Closed

May 31, 2021


Professional Development Day Closures-School Closed

*maybe subject to change

Mar 05, 2021

Mar 26, 2021 (Conferences)

June 03, 2021** Changed

Report Cards to Parents

March 25, 2021

June 03, 2021 **changed


Links to Learning Curriculum

March 2021 Monthly Themes

  • Dr Seuss’ Birthday
  • Lunar New Year
  • Multicultural Music
  • Groundhog Day
  • Current Seasons
  • Beach, Park, Mountains
  • Forces of Push/Pull
  • Various forms of Transportation
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Solar System
  • Animal Habitats
  • Exploring Drums
  • St Patrick’s Day

Snack Menu

Our “Wellness” curriculum component is using the following website at http://www.choosemyplate.gov/kids/ to ensure the nutrition of our students. Please look for our snack menu please let us know if you have any suggestions for our snack menu or would like recipes for home use.

School Caterers

Just a reminder that our school caterer is still not delivering meals to our school. We will let you know when this changes.


Celebrations help our students meet our learning component in “Community and Environment”. If you would like to share a family tradition with our students, please let us know. Embracing diversity is a social skill that will help our students in the long run when traveling or building friendships.

Community Project for Black History Month

For a community project, we are made a multicultural paper quilt of black and white photos. Our students made their hand prints with paint colors of their choice. Then we collected family photos from our families to create a paper blanket of pictures in where all the students families looked all the same color with black and white photos.

St Patricks Day Party

For the month of March 2021, the students will be having classrooms parties for St. Patrick’s Day on  Wednesday, March 17, 2021 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.   Students will be making snacks that reflect St Patrick’s Day in their classroom. It is traditional to wear GREEN on that day. They will be hunting over the rainbow for gold coins and meeting Mr. Leprechaun.

March is National Reading Month


Dr. Seuss Day Birthday, Customs & Traditions

Held annually on March 2nd, Dr. Seuss Day is a holiday that celebrates the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel – otherwise known by the pen name by which he authored children’s books: Dr. Seuss. During the 1990s, the National Education Association advocated for a day to celebrate reading all over the United States. In 1998, it started Read Across America and decided to hold it on the same day as Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

On Dr. Seuss Day it is customary to read a favorite book with your child. It could be one of Dr. Seuss’s books or it could be another children’s book author. The goal of the day is to engage children in reading and to get them to read on a regular basis.  

Virtual Scholastic Book Fair

Our Book Fair is online from March 1-14, 2021! Support our school and help your child discover new books, favorite characters, complete series, and more! You’ll love the fun new option to shop for Book Fair exclusives directly from the interactive booklist and enjoy free shipping on book-only purchases over $25.

Virtual Scholastic Book Fair  (right click on link to open)

Parent/Teachers Conferences

Our parent/teacher conferences will be held at the end of this month on March 25, 2021. Our school will be closed to students. We will be having the conferences via zoom like we did in November. We will start at 8:00 am to 12:30 pm with each conference being about 20 minutes long. If you need a longer conference we can definitely set it up as the last appointment at 12:00 pm. Every conference we send out parent resources along with our report cards. If your family is interested in a particular resource please let me know ahead of time and we will definitely get that ready. Please look out for more information on signups.

Back to School Video of Fun Activities 2020

Back to School Video 1071 (right click this link to view)




Merryhill School Uniforms and School Spirit

All students can go to the website below and order uniforms or school spirit gear, backpacks, towels, hats, jackets, etc.

We will be having school spirit days once a month going forward on the last day of every month. 

March 31, April 30, and May 30


 Uniforms can be purchased from the website below:

The bottoms can be purchased at Walmart, Target, or Durable wear uniforms and must be either navy blue or khaki. The tops must be purchased from Queensboro uniforms and can be light blue, hunter green, or burgundy. You can have items shipped here to avoid shipping charges. All students are required to wear uniforms in the Prek2 classroom Monday through Thursday. On Friday they get a free dress day.

Distant Learning Classes

If you are interested in distant learning classes, please let us know.  We started the New Online Academy session on September 08, 2020. We are still enrolling if you are interested. Mrs. Beverly is the teacher for the Online Academy for our school.

Merryhill’s Facebook Page

Our students are continuously posted on our Facebook page! Please share with your friends and family.




From Our Education Department  

5 Fun Ways to Practice Letter Recognition With Your Preschooler

5 Fun Ways to Practice Letter Recognition With Your Preschooler

March is National Reading Month! Although we explore language and literacy all year, we have many special activities planned for our students this month. In our schools, children will reenact their favorite books, discover new characters, sing songs, practice vocabulary and much more. Letter recognition is a core part of[.....]
Read More »

Parent Reminders:

Parent Videos & Photos
If you are video-taping or taking pictures at our school they must be only of your child. Please do not post videos or pictures of other children as it is a violation of their privacy. If you have accidentally posted pictures or videos of other children, please remove them immediately. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Nut-free School
We have a nut-free policy at our school. Please keep all peanut items at home. We have children with severe allergies.

Medication and Sunscreen Policy Reminder
Just a friendly reminder that our medication policy states that we can only administer medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor. We cannot administer over the counter medication without a doctor’s note with explicit instructions on how to administer it.

Regarding sunscreen, if you would like your child’s teacher to apply sunscreen throughout the summer months, please complete the “Sunscreen Authorization Form” located in the front office. We ask that you bring your child in their own sunscreen and apply a coat of sunscreen before they come to school. All sunscreen will be applied after nap unless noted differently by a parent.

Automatic Withdrawal
No checks necessary! Enroll in our Automatic Payment Program and never write another check for your monthly tuition or pay another late payment. Tuition can be automatically deducted from your checking account. You can find more information about ACH in the front office. Let us help you sign up today!

Credit Cards

We NOW take credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) at Merryhill school.

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