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Only at Milpitas

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools the competition is fierce. So what makes families choose Merryhill Elementary and Middle School and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyatMilpitas. Let us tell you more.

The 3 C's

The 3 C’s – Compassion, Curiosity, and Competency – are the pillar of Merryhill Milpitas Elementary & Middle School. Our students internalize these important traits throughout their time at our school and learn to apply them in their everyday lives. We believe Compassion to be the most important of the 3 C’s and encourage our students to act compassionately towards others and themselves. To be kind to oneself is the first step in succeeding at selflessness. Living curiously sets our students apart from others because they question everything and can go above and beyond norms in their learning. Competency in academics will advance them to do well in school, and whatever life throws their way. The learning experiences at Merryhill School provide a balance for their lives to be well-rounded students.

Our Special Projects
Thanksgiving Connections
Partnering with the San Jose Family Shelter, our whole school works together to collect Thanksgiving baskets for less fortunate families in our community. Merryhill families will gather essentials, such as stuffing and canned goods, make centerpieces, and add them to baskets. For every basket put together, the school donates a turkey! Historically, we will feed upwards of 75 families every year.
Celebration of Success
A tradition at our school, the Celebration of Success is an extraordinary teacher’s event where parents come to the school, and teachers give out awards celebrating their student’s success within the 3 C’s at the end of the school year. Teachers recognize how they were compassionate, demonstrated curiosity, and mastered their competency in learning. The event demonstrates to our students that their teachers are champions of their students and shows that even if their students have a challenging year, they support their student's success unconditionally. Students look forward to it every year and are excited to be acknowledged by their teachers for their accomplishments at Merryhill School!
Operation Bag Lunch
Students were so excited to help local families with Thanksgiving Connections, they decided to do further service to their communities. Once a month, students in grades 5 through 8 make lunches for less fortunate students, all the way from assembling sandwiches to delivering them. For the past five years, we have partnered with the San Jose Family Shelter to provide lunch for kids from the shelter who are experiencing food insecurity.
Kindness Path
February marks Kindness Month, in which our school celebrates with numerous activities surrounding the topic of kindness. One of the projects our whole school participates in is painting pictures, rocks, and pots featuring kindness motifs. In partnership with the art department, our students express compassion and care through art and place the rocks to form a path to the garden. Students also read novels about kindness and work on applying those lessons to their everyday lives.
Parent Appreciation Luncheon
Every spring, our 8th grade class hosts a catered luncheon for their parents. Taking on the roles as waiters and waitresses, the 8th graders take their families’ orders and bring them their meal. This is a fun event to mark the accomplishment of graduating, but also to show their appreciation for the support of their family. The entire event is meant to be reflective of their time at Merryhill and show gratitude for their journey and all who have helped them along the way.

Every Monday morning, our 2nd through 8th graders do yoga for 30 mins with a professional yoga teacher. Throughout the recent tumultuous years, we realized that students were feeling more anxious than ever. Yoga is a great way to help them calm down and regulate their emotions. Students will focus better in the classroom when they are able to focus on themselves and feel empowered through recognizing and controlling their own emotions. Not only has this improved our students’ well-being, but has also brought them together by emphasizing that students need to be kind to themselves just as much as being kind to others.

Practicing our breathing
Stretching up to the sky
Working on balance