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A private school education is an investment in your child’s academic and social development. At Merryhill Elementary & Middle School, we engage and challenge students to think critically and problem solve, while becoming socially responsible citizens. The strong foundation developed at our school arms students with the confidence and capabilities to become lifelong learners.

Below please find our tuition (billed over 10 months) and fee schedule. Additional fees may apply. To learn more, please contact us.

Enrollment Fees
Returning Student Registration$450
New Student Registration$500
New Student Fee (K - 8th Grade Only)$500
Assessment (K - 8th Grade Only)$75
Tuition ( Monthly Pricing )
Intermediates 5 Full Days$1,775
Intermediates 5 Half Days$1,333
Junior K$1,775
1st Grade$1,603
2nd Grade$1,603
3rd Grade$1,603
4th Grade$1,603
5th Grade$1,654
6th Grade$1,654
7th Grade$1,654
8th Grade$1,654
Extended Day ( Monthly Pricing )
Kindergarten After Care$421
After Care (Grades 1-4)$397
After Care (Grades 5-8)$350