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Mrs. Robyn Baumgartner - 2nd-5th Grade Art

Welcome to Mrs. Robyn 2016-2017 Art Class

My name is Mrs. Robyn, and I will be teaching art for the 2nd through 8th grade classes. I have been teaching art for the past eight years at Merryhill School.

Students will be learning about the various techniques used in art as well as different media like clay, chalk, tissue, texture, oil pastels, water colors, and more. This year, we will be introducing famous global artists and art history. Your child’s artwork will be displayed during the school annual specialty show case. This year, our 5th through 8th grade students will be focusing on studio and stage art production. All 2nd through 4th grade students will be learning universal art themes relevant to their daily lives. These themes will help students make meaningful connections across time and place. Elements and principles will be embedded throughout each unit to ensure continual application and understanding.

I am very excited to be working with your child and help him/her develop their artistic abilities.

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