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Mr. Tho Pham - 5th & 6th Grade Math


I am looking forward to a great year of learning with lot of challenging activities for the kids that relate to the real world.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Tho Pham and I will be the math teacher for 5th and 6th grade for 2016 – 2017 school year. I am really excited to teach such a wonderful group of kids. I have really enjoyed teaching at Merryhill School last year.

This year will be my third year at Merryhill School. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree with an emphasis in Management Information Technology. Prior to joining Merryhill School, I have been working in the educational environment for more than ten years, from elementary school to the high school level.

I believe that teaching transforms something old into something new, and makes something new become something familiar. Teaching is about building relationships. In the classroom, I set high expectations for student behavior and performance, and balance that with one-on-one assistance to help struggling students meet those expectations. I want my students to be proficient, inquisitive and genuine. I want them to be respectful, resourceful and reliable. I will help my students succeed, because I know each and every one of them can.   As a Math teacher it is my job to modify my techniques to meet the varying needs of students at Merryhill School.

My trademark phrase that I often use is “There you go!” I use this phrase often when teaching math problems, because it demystifies the math problem. Too many students become frustrated because they think math is hard, but in my lessons I try to make the problems clear and fun so they appear manageable. In this way I impart my excitement to my students. If students are engaged and interested, their ability to retain information drastically increases. I use manipulative, group work and exploration as much as possible to spark students’ interests and make lessons meaningful. I hope through positive reinforcement my students will be motivated intrinsically to study hard, pay attention and reach the full potential I believe rests just below the surface in all of them.

I look forward to working with your child and with you for the school year.


Mr. Pham

Math Teacher

Merryhill School

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