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June News

Dear Parents,

We’ve reached the end of another memorable and educational school year. Old friends became closer and new friends forged lasting relationships. Each student gained knowledge and skills they will use the rest of their lives. Your teachers and I have enjoyed a wonderful year of academics and activities with your children. Thank you to our Merryhill parents and families who support us throughout the year. The partnership between school and family creates the most beneficial program for the children.

Thank you to our PTO officers for the hours and work they generously give to keep our school the very best place. Thank you to the numerous parents who support our program with volunteering their time and taking on additional responsibilities.

We will be here at Summer Camp, learning and participating in camp activities. Please feel free to phone if you have questions or just stop by to enroll!

Have a fun and amazing summer! Your teachers and I will be planning an academically enriched and fun-filled year for the next school year.


Kathy Okazaki, Principal

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