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October Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office
Dearest Merryhill families,
I wanted to thank all of you that attended our “”Back to School Pancake Breakfast” last Saturday!  We had an awesome turn out and more than half of our families attended the event.  Don’t worry if you missed this fun gathering, there will be more events that you can attend during our fantastic school year!
Lifetouch pictures are here in the preschool office.  We will keep them until October 14th, then we will send them back to LifeTouch.  Come to the preschool office to view your child’s portraits before it is too late.
Halloween fun is here and I wanted to inform you of the special events we have here at Merryhill Preschool during this time of year. We have planned several fun activities for the week of Halloween. First, we will have our annual Pumpkin Patch in our playground. Each child will be able to pick their very own pumpkin to take home. The school provides this and there is no extra cost for the parents.  We will also have a pumpkin carving contest for each classroom. Each teacher will decorate one pumpkin with their children. The parents will be the judge of the winning Jack-O-Lantern. The teacher who receives the most votes will receive money to put towards their classroom wish list. The final and most exciting event that we will have is the Halloween parade. Here at Merryhill Preschool in San Jose we make our own costumes. We design and craft them here at the school with the help of the children and teachers. You will not need to bring your child in their “store bought” costume on that day. Each year the teachers think of the most amazing costumes and the children are absolutely adorable. Please do not miss out on this fun event! It is one of the best events of the school year! This month we will also have Pony Rides by “Once Upon A Pony” for this month’s special event. Get ready for a “spooktacular” month!
Quick reminders:
Please remember to sign in and out every day in the classroom binder!  This is extremely important because we use this binder in case of an emergency!
Please put your child’s name on all sippy cups and water bottles.  We do not want the children drinking from other children’s cups.
If you bring in sun screen for your child please make sure you fill out a sun screen form in the office before dropping off the sunscreen with the teachers.  The children are not allowed to keep sun screen in their cubby or back pack.   This is the same for any lotions and medication.  Please make sure all medication gets checked into the preschool office.  Medication and lotions need to be kept out of reach of children.  One last reminder, please put your sheet and blanket for nap time in a bag labeled with your child’s name.  If it does not have a name on it, then we do not know who it belongs to.  Thank you for your cooperation!
As always, if you have any questions or concerns my door is always open. We are here to help you and “our” children in any way we can. Everyone at Merryhill is special and important to us. Let us make this a great school year!
Heather Bilbro/Palmer
Preschool Principal
“All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds we sow today.” 

Calendar of Events
October 2nd-School Kids, Michael Andrew’s Holiday Catalog is due.  If you participated in this fundraiser, please bring it to the preschool office today.
October 15thPony Rides for the children. “Once Upon a Pony” will come to the school and give Pony Rides to the children.  Please be to school by 9:30 am.  The Pony Rides will be in the morning.
October 28th- Merryhill Preschool Pumpkin Patch Fun!  This will be done in the morning starting at 9:30 am.
October 30th- Merryhill Preschool Halloween Parade at 3:30 pm in the back parking lot.  Do not bring your child to school in their store bought costume.  We make our own costumes here and surprise you at the parade!
November 1st- Daylight Saving Time Ends Turn back your clock 1 hour.
Join us for our next Open House!
November 7, 2015 10:00 am – 1:00 pm **Tell a friend and if they register you will receive one free week of tuition!**
Extra Curricular Activities here at school!!!
Piano Class by My First MusIQ program – Held on Wednesdays For more information go online and check them out, please go to www.recplusregistration.org
Tuff Tumblers Class – Held on Fridays For more information go to http://tufftumblers.com or call 925-551-8900
MiniSoccer – Held on Tuesdays For more information go to this link:  https://challenger.mycustomevent.com/ShoppingCart.aspx?com=detailview&iid=76592
Merryhill San Jose is proud to offer Challenger Sports NEW MiniKickers Program in association with the Challenger Soccer Academy.
Parent Referral Program:
If there’s one thing parents love to do, it’s talk about their children’s successes.
When friends ask you about your child’s experiences at Merryhill School, what type of success stories do you share? Do you mention the personal and educational discoveries your child is making thanks to our advanced curriculum? Do you talk about the new levels of self and social confidence your child has gained thanks to our encouraging atmosphere?
*For every new child you refer who enrolls at our school for three months, you’ll receive one FREE week of tuition for your child*.
It’s our way of saying thanks for doing what comes naturally – singing the praises of your child and sharing your experiences with the Merryhill School difference!!

Exploring Community Helpers & the Roles They Play

This month, our students are gaining a greater understanding of community helper occupations, such as police officers, mail carriers, medical professionals and firefighters. The children have a lot of fun imagining themselves in these important roles, and incorporating toy versions of the uniforms, equipment and vehicles that go with them.
In addition, October is National Fire Prevention Month, so we place a special emphasis on the importance of fire safety and the role of firefighters. Our classroom activities help the children become more comfortable around emergency responders in uniform, and teach them basics about what to do in case of an emergency.
Here are some ways children learn about community helpers in the classroom, as well as activities for you and your child to do at home.

TODDLERS (ages 1-2):

In the classroom: Toddlers are fascinated with dressing up as doctors, police officers and firefighters, because they have distinct uniforms and roles that children can easily understand. During dramatic play, our teachers provide students with costumes and props, and encourage them to choose the role they want to play.
At home: Continue dress-up play by providing your child with various props and costumes. Ask him, “Who do you want to dress-up as?” and “What does that person wear?”
Recommended reading: Whose Hat is This by Sharon Katz Cooper

BEGINNERS (ages 2-3):

In the classroom: Our Beginner students learn about the special vehicles that community helpers use, by playing matching games, reading books, and building vehicles using cardboard boxes.
At home: Go for a drive with your child. Point out vehicles that belong to community helpers, such as a fire truck and a police car. Ask, “Who drives that vehicle?” and “Where might it be going?”
Recommended reading: The Little Fire Engine by Lois Lenski


In the classroom: During fire safety lessons, many of our schools invite local firefighters to visit. Students explore the tools firefighters use, learn “Stop, Drop and Roll,” and may have the opportunity to tour a fire truck.
At home: Continue exploring fire safety by practicing “Stop, Drop and Roll” with your child. Ask him, “Who puts out fires?” and discuss what he should do if he hears a fire alarm at home.
Recommended reading: The Fire Engine Book by Tibor Gergely

PRE-K/PRE-K 2 (ages 4-5):

In the classroom: Teachers introduce situations when it might be necessary to dial 9-1-1. Students practice finding 9-1-1 on different keypads, such as cell phones and landlines.
At home: Show your child photos of various community helpers and the buildings where they work. Ask him to identify the helpers and their workplaces, and describe the roles the helpers play in our community.
Recommended reading: The Berenstain Bears: Jobs around Town by Jan Berenstain
We provide many opportunities for students to learn about community helpers. By setting this foundation, they become more familiar and comfortable around the people that make their neighborhoods a better place.

– Lauren Starnes, PhD – Director of Early Childhood Education

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