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WT Café April 2017 Newsletter

Happy Earth Day!

A healthy planet is essen­tial for a healthy com­mu­nity. No mat­ter where you live, con­serv­ing our nat­ural resources means secur­ing a sus­tain­able food future for future gen­er­a­tions. What can you and your family do to pro­mote the health of Mother Earth?  Sur­pris­ingly, some of the most pow­er­ful state­ments begin in the kitchen with the food we serve and the habits we teach.

Here are some tips on earth-friendly things to do at home with your family:

Go Meat­less on Mondays

Did you know that the meat industry is responsible for approximately 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions? In fact, producing one calorie of meat requires nearly twenty times the amount of energy as one plant calorie!

The “Meat­less Mon­day” trend has inspired Amer­i­can fam­i­lies to cook from scratch, to use only fresh and sea­sonal ingre­di­ents, and to reduce meat con­sump­tion.  Making these kinds of dietary choices will have a positive impact on your family’s mood, health, and longevity.

Read more on our Blog about how a vegetarian lifestyle can help your family live a longer, healthier life.
Reduce Your Footprint

There is a lot you can do as a fam­ily to take care of Earth.  Here are a few that will also instill a sense of duty and pride in your children:

  • Eat local and seasonal food (farmer’s markets are perfect for this)
  • Plant an herb garden  (easy and a fun family activity…plus you have herbs for dinner!)
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room (make signs if you have to until its habitualized)
  • Ditch the disposable bags for reusable bags (pick some out as a family and keep in your trunk)
  • Reduce your footprint – walk or bike to school/work (Did you know people who bike to work/school have slimmer waistlines?)
  • Compost (call your city to see if you can get one for free)

Plant a Tree or Donate to Plant a Tree

Planting Trees is one of the easiest and most important ways to fight climate change. Deforestation contributes to species extinction, poverty, and is responsible for up to 15% of the global greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.  Plus, planting a tree as a family is so rewarding!  Year after year as you and your children watch your tree take root, you will be reminded of the growth we all experience along our journey on this planet, and how being healthy and strong helps us all weather the many storms of life.

Pick up a tree and a shovel at your local landscaping spot for a rewarding family activity this Earth Day.  No time for planting?  Donate as little as $1 and plant a tree in your name today. (Check out our Blog for details.)
We at WT Café are com­mit­ted to help­ing you and your fam­ily live a health­ier life.  That’s why we pre­pare and serve your chil­dren only the fresh­est, purest, from scratch meals avail­able.  When you order from us, you can trust that your food was pre­pared by local chefs who value the del­i­cate rela­tion­ship between our envi­ron­ment, our food, and our bodies.

Have a Wholesome, earth-friendly month!

– WT Cafe

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