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Before & After School

The list of after school activities below is subject to revision throughout the school year.

Academic Enrichment

  • Homework Studyhall – Monday through Thursday 4:00-4:30 (all year)

We have many offerings for our after school enrichment program:

  • Spanish Clubs
    • Spanish Culture
    • Crocheting
    • Bilingual reading and writing
  • Music Clubs
    • Bucket Band
    • Recorder Ensemble
  • Art Clubs
    • Craft Club
    • Cartooning
    • Clay Sculpture
  • Sports Clubs
    • Flag Football
    • Street Hockey
    • Dodge Ball
  • Tech Clubs
    • Minecraft
    • Stop Motion Animation
  • Hip Hop Dance Class

Trimester 2 Sign Up Form

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    Students explore the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) through building projects, experiments, and design challenges. Sharing ideas, asking questions, and making predictions are encouraged!

  • play icon

    Robust outdoor free play and structured games help students learn sportsmanship and develop their physical strength and endurance. Students learn critical thinking and problem solving by participating in board games and team challenges with their peers.

  • create icon

    Students express themselves by participating in hands-on visual arts, including photography, videography, drawing, and painting. Students develop planning skills by working on long-term projects with their peers and can participate in group performances or discussions.

  • wonder icon

    Social and emotional growth is nurtured through student and teacher led activities that promote a feeling of community and belonging. Students learn through open-ended activities that give them a chance to apply problem-solving skills and collaborate with friends.

  • learn icon

    Some students appreciate the chance for independent activities or study after a long day at school. We provide a quiet place to work on homework, read, journal, or seek academic support from peers and teachers. Students can also work on various projects in this small group setting.