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Mrs. Yvonne Carlisle - Technology and Innovative Learning (STEM)

Welcome to the Technology and Innovative Learning Classroom!

This is my second year at Merryhill, but my 25th year of teaching. I’m excited for another year of bringing learning experiences to the Merryhill scholars! It is always my goal to provide an environment where curiosity reigns and the students’ interests are absolutely valued and explored. If you have an area of expertise and would like to share it with the students (I promise to help and make it as fun as possible!); I welcome you to let me know and we’ll find a way to incorporate your knowledge!

In the Innovative Learning Lab, we will be exploring the S.T.E.M. topics of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics which gives us a tremendous amount of latitude to link required learning with interesting topics of learning. We will be building on the foundation we created last year and continue to grow and learn!

In Technology, as I do every year, we begin at the beginning: basic ergonomics (sitting correctly and understanding WHY it is so important) and correct mouse usage (many of my PreK and Kindergarten students arrive with skills that are harmful to their bodies, so I need to teach/reteach them how to use the mouse correctly). Additionally, with a summer of no one reminding them to sit correctly, I find that the students have forgotten the importance of how to sit when working with technology, so most of them, too, require reteaching on ergonomics. Following that, I introduce and reinforce the 1st grade and older students to a method of keyboarding that is appropriate for their child-sized hands. This research-based method (the Herzog Method) is one that is NOT the Home Row of ASDF JKL: but that results in them being able to eventually drop their fingers to those keys, when their hands are finally large enough. This takes us quite a long while each year – and isn’t the most exciting thing in Tech – but I do try to make it as interesting AND FUN as possible.

While I hold the Title of Technology Teacher, it’s interesting that here at Merryhill, I am actually NOT the teacher who is responsible for teaching the Merryhill Technology Standards; your child’s classroom teacher is. I do support them and am available to help them in any way they need however. My Master’s Degree is in using “Technology to Teach” and I am always ready to create projects and to assist with implementation – which is what our wonderful Merryhill teachers do so well with their classroom iPads! I have been amazed with the level of technology integration here at Merryhill. It is the deepest level of integration I have ever seen at any school in my 25 years. If you’d like to hear more about this statement, please come and talk with me, I’d love to tell you about my background and why I am willing to step out and say this. My background is not that of a traditional teacher and my experience does not span just a small number of schools.

Technology and Innovation classes are one part of the whole that helps Merryhill students be Well-Versed in Technology, become Insightful Thinkers, be Skillfully Productive, and grow and mature to be Effective Communicators and I am HONORED to be part of that journey!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at yvonne.carlisle@merryhillschool.com

Yvonne Carlisle, M.Ed.

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