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February 2017 News

Click on any of the newsletters below to see what our classrooms will be focusing on this month! Infant B February Newsletter Toddler February Newsletter Beginner A February Newsletter Beginner B February Newsletter Intermediate A February Newsletter Intermediate B February Newsletter Pre-K February Newsletter Pre-K 2 February Newsletter From Our Education…
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May News

Building Your Child’s Sense of Family Belonging Relationships with family members play an important role as children begin to develop a sense of self.  When they feel a sense of identity and belonging within their own families, children are better able to grow emotionally, make friends, and appreciate and accept…
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March 2016

Introducing Your Preschooler to the Fascinating World of Non-Fiction When you think about children’s books, you might envision princesses in castles, talking animals or a flying magic school bus. Although it’s fun to read these types of stories with your child, it’s important to also introduce him to non-fiction books….
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January 2016 Education Article

The Value of Visual Art Activities for Your Preschooler Visual art experiences help children develop skills such as critical thinking, self-expression, problem-solving, communication and collaboration. Our teachers focus on process-based art education, in which the experience of creating art is valued over the end product. In our classrooms, teachers integrate…
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February 2016 Education Article

Helping Your Preschooler Develop Positive Friendship Skills Are you puzzled by some of your child’s social behaviors? Have you noticed that your toddler doesn’t interact with other children very often? Does your three-year-old get frustrated when a classmate won’t play with him? Will your four-year-old only play with her best friend?…
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