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Parent Testimonials

  • Ever since my son started attending Merryhill, I’ve seen a drastic increase in his self-reliance and confidence. He loves spending time with his teachers and friends.

  • Merryhill¬†Preschool keeps my child engaged and interested in learning. She wants to go to school every day and is excited to share what she has learned with her family and friends.

  • The curriculum is outstanding at Merryhill.¬†I have friends who have children in other preschools and they are amazed at what my three year old is learning.

  • The teachers provide personalized attention to my daughter, communicate regularly about her development, and respond promptly if I have questions or concerns.

  • My son has attended Merryhill Preschool Danbrook since he was four months old. I’ve made great connections with the teachers, staff and other parents. I couldn’t picture my son at any other preschool.