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Parent Testimonials

  • The thing I like most about Merryhill is how my son is treated. He is shown patience, respect, dignity and love. His teachers, as well as the rest of the staff, are attentive, engaged and interested in each child.

  • I enjoy the various opportunities for family participation, such as holiday parties and back-to-school events. They give parents a chance to communicate and share experiences with each other.

  • I am thrilled with my experience at Merryhill.┬áMy son has developed a love of learning, and that is truly priceless. He loves sharing the skills he has learned with his family members.

  • I appreciate the exposure to different cultures and traditions, as well as the focus on independent thinking.

  • I like the well-rounded curriculum at Merryhill Preschool Milpitas and the focus on developing social skills. I am confident that my daughter will be well-prepared for elementary school.