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October News

Fall brings us many upcoming activities, fundraisers, and special events here at Merryhill Harbour Point. Our grandparents lunch was a great success. We are looking forward to all Fall has to offer. It is our primary goal to provide the children with the very best educational opportunities. We love to offer fun and exciting new ways to learn and enjoy the learning process. The past couple of months we have learned about colors, watched our class volcanoes erupt, celebrated Johnny Appleseed day and so much more. This month we will learn all about the importance of books, introduce new math skills, discuss weather changes, and learn about all the upcoming holidays that will be here shorty. We will also be participating in National Book month the entire month of October. Please remember as the weather turns slightly cooler, please provide a sweatshirt or light jacket with your child’s name on it for your child. Happy Fall!

Sincerely, Stephanie Gill/Principal

In October

      Oct. 8 PJ Fashion Show


      Oct. 13 Food Can Drive begins


      Oct. 13-17 Sign up to read to your child’s class


      Oct. 18 Fall Festival 10:30-100pm-Children may come dressed in their Halloween costumes


      Oct. 22-27 Scholastic Book Fair


    Oct. 31 Trick-or-Trunk


Kids Can Food Drive
Kids Can Food Drive has been helping to feed the hungry families in our community for more than 27 years. Merryhill has joined the food drive effort. You can help by donating canned and non-perishable food items. Boxes will be placed outside your child’s classroom door. October 13th-November 14th Thank you

Celebrating National Book Month Join us in celebrating National Book Month in October. October 13-17th: Sign up to read a book in your child’s class. October 22-27: Purchase a book at our book fair

Scholastic Book Fair During the week of October 22-27, walk our hallways as they are lined up with many of your child’s favorite books. Feel free to purchase any of the books you see. A portion of the total amount sold will go back to our school. Thanks for supporting us during National Book Month!

Trick-Or-Trunk It’s almost Trick-or-Trunk time! On October 31st your child will go trick-or-trunking in our parking lot. We are asking for parent volunteers who would like to decorate the trunk of their car and fill it with stickers, candy, and other goodies. **If you would like to volunteer, please see Ms. Stephanie or Ms. Maybeline**. *Children may come dressed in their costumes on this day.*

Just a heads up….Picture Day will be November 6th & 7th

Parent Ambassador Program
If there is one thing that parents love to do, it’s talk about their children’s successes. When friends ask you about your child’s experience at Merryhill, what type of success stories do you share? Do you mention the personal and educational discoveries that your child is making thanks to our advanced curriculum? Do you talk about the new levels of self and social confidence your child has gained thanks to our encouraging atmosphere?

Whatever the glowing reports you deliver about how your child is growing with his or her education, we couldn’t be more appreciative. In fact, we’d like to show you just how thankful we are for your endorsements. Now when you tell other parents about our school, you can become a Merryhill School Parent Ambassador! You’ll recieve one free week of tuition for every new family you refer to Merryhill! (after 90 days of the new family starting)

Reminders: Please remember we are a nut free school

Winning Bedtime Battles

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long day, and as bedtime is approaching, your attempts at an easy transition to sleep for your child are met with sharp resistance, outbursts and tears. Rest assured you are not alone. Bedtime battles are a common occurrence for parents of preschoolers.

For children, bedtime is a time of separation from the parent and having to transition away from their beloved toys and books. For some children, nighttime elicits feelings of fear of the dark or of being alone. The best way to counteract your child’s resistance to bedtime is to be proactive. It’s very helpful to discuss with children how important sleep is for their health and growth. At school, we focus on the importance of sleep in the Wellness component of Links to Learning. Explaining at home that sleep is one of the most important ingredients to growing big and strong will help motivate your child.

Here are some additional tips to make bedtime easier:

*Establish a bedtime routine. Decide on a firm bedtime schedule (i.e. water/snack time, bath time, story time, bedtime) and discuss it with all caregivers. Follow the same sequence of events at the same time every night. Consistency is the key to success.

*Limit pre-bedtime activity and excitement. Keep noise low, and limit computer and television time for at least an hour before bedtime. This approach allows your child to wind down more easily. Story time is one of the best ways to share a special quiet moment with your child and build warm associations with the pleasure of books and reading.

*Provide reassurance. If your child is hesitant to fall asleep alone, try giving him a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. If that does not suffice, promise your child that you will return every few minutes to check on him. Return to your child’s room at the promised time, but gradually extend your absences. He will grow tired waiting for your return and independently fall asleep.

*Don’t give in to power struggles. If your child refuses to stay in bed, lie him down, tell him goodnight, and leave the room. If you keep returning to the room, you are actually reinforcing your child to get up more often. Leaving the room shows you are not going to participate in the struggle.

*Remain calm. Don’t show your child your frustration. Follow the routine and then leave the room. If tears ensue, wait a few minutes before returning to calm your child and lay him back down.

By teaching your child the importance of a bedtime routine and getting enough sleep, you will help establish a lifetime of healthy habits that will help him succeed in later years.

— Lauren Starnes, PhD- Director of Early Childhood Education

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