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Building the 2016-2017 Yearbook: Mustang Style

This trimester the yearbook staff consists of 19 students, and the excitement is palpable when you enter room 215. With this large and enthusiastic staff, production duties are assigned to teams of two. The first step in the yearbook creation process is to collect photos from teachers and staff, and photograph as much student life on campus as possible. Photographers and caption writers are taught photo techniques, such as the rule of threes, from Mr. Sanchez. Photos are airdropped to Ms. Kinney and saved on the server for which all students can access using MacBooks. Photos are then sorted by grade and activity. From there, the caption writing begins. When students write captions, they learn to gather information including student/s name, teacher, place of activity, and purpose of event. Students are challenged to write captions that encompass both the action and the feeling of the activity while also being concise and descriptive. Meanwhile, the layout and design team learn to build and duplicate pages in our online platform Lifetouch. This easy-to-use program is the first stepping stone to more complex, higher level graphic design programs such as InDesign and Photoshop. Students in this group learn the basics of great layout and design and spend a lot of one-on- one time with Ms. Kinney! Later in the year, job duties include more caption writing, flowing portrait pages, and creating the table of contents and index. Students use a keen eye to proofread and edit names, grades and grammatical errors. Both their technical writing skills and creativity shine in this process! The yearbook theme is kept under wraps throughout the school year and is only revealed when the final book comes out in May. Keeping the theme a secret builds anticipation among Merryhill students and a sense of camaraderie among yearbook staff. Being a part of the yearbook team is an opportunity for student leaders to hone technology and art skills while also collaborating with others. This class gives students real- world skills, including the chance to work with others for a tangible, fulfilling final product for the whole school to enjoy.

To ensure your student has a customized, student-created yearbook to commemorate the 2016-2017 school year, order online by December 31st at ybpay.lifetouch.com using the yearbook ID code: 9554817. Orders placed after December 31st will increase in price.

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