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Creativity and Digital Art

Digital tools have invaded almost every aspect of our society.  Mobile technology can be found practically every coffee shop, classroom, pocket, handbag and purse.  It is without a doubt more than a passing fad; it has become a way of life. With moderation in mind, I say embrace it!  So many apps and programs are available to assist us with so many aspects of our lives.  In my opinion, one of the more profound enhancements exists in area of digital creativity.  Here at Merryhill Midtown, we are implementing a lineup of creative apps to help our students harvest their inner creativity through digital art.

I often find a number of students admitting that they are not confident in their skills to be artistically creative through traditional methods like painting or drawing.  Now let’s insert an iPad and a lineup of digital art apps into this equation.  Many of these students who previously had inhibitions find a familiar platform to launch into a world of creativity that they didn’t think was possible.  Tayasui Sketches Pro offers our students a digital art studio at their finger tips. Life-like tools, brushes and powerful vector editing options offer endless capabilities from our beginners in kindergarten to our pros in our middle school elective classes.  Our elementary students are learning the fundamentals of color and how to apply it in Tayasui Color.  Color removes the sketching aspect and offers students the chance to focus on the application of color.  Our students have been learning how to blend, shade and apply color to pre-made illustrations. It’s also therapeutic and relaxing! Finally, Tavasui Blocks allows our future video game designers a chance to think three-dimensionally.  The app places students in a three dimensional world where they can design landscapes, structures, and characters similar to the popular title Minecraft.  

As we conclude our digital art units across the elementary grades, we want students to have a better understanding of how our bountiful technology can open doors to creative avenues.  Our hopes are that some of our artistically hesitant students find renewed interest with a digital platform to create on. We want all of our students across the board to have an added skill set that they can apply to other areas of study for the duration of their academic career.  If you’re interested in trying these apps at home, they are available in iTunes and the Google Play store.

Mike Sanchez

Manager of Technology

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