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Artistic Confidence

One goal of our visual art program is for students to develop positive relationships with art and to have confidence in their ability to imagine and create. In general, younger children tend to exhibit more confidence, persistence, and joy when creating art. As students grow older, they often begin to doubt their creative abilities, becoming more inhibited in the process of creating art, and label themselves as “not artistic”. A huge part of being a successful artist involves developing confidence in one’s artwork and one’s ability to make art.

In the elementary art classes, students learn concepts, explore materials and spend time on art production. Confidence is gained over time as students become more comfortable using a variety of materials and testing out a variety of art methods. Students also look at artists, examine trends in art history, and study cultural and historical examples. Additionally, the art studio is a great place to incorporate cross curricular activities like art and science, creative writing, and more. As students realize the many ways that art is woven through the disciplines, they are more likely to understand and appreciate the rich history of art and

importance of artistic expression.

Middle school art is offered in the form of elective courses which provide an opportunity for more in-depth exploration. Art electives tend to focus on one medium such as drawing, painting, or sculpting. This focus allows students to build confidence within the medium and encourages students to develop their personal artistic styles. More importantly, the extended focus gives students a chance to acquire more advanced skills and a deeper understanding of art.

All the students at Merryhill Midtown should walk away with the sense that art belongs to them and feel confident in their creative ability, art appreciation, and self-expression.

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