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HAPPY SPRING!  We are so excited for this month! The children are excited to be outside exploring the change in the weather and season.  With the mornings still a little cooler please make sure you bring a light jacket or sweater for your child.   It is our “Week of the Young Child” celebration.  April 16th-20th we will be celebrating the children and the importance of literature.  Each day we will be reading some of the classrooms all time favorite books.  The children will be going on dinosaur digs, celebrate with bubbles, and having a music concert just to name a few things.  Please check out our Events Board for all the details.

We also we be having our annual Ladybug Parade and Release Celebration on April 20th.  The children will be learning all about the importance of ladybugs and then releasing over 1,000 back into the earth and in our school garden.  If you would like to join in and participate with us for our Celebration please let the front office know.


Have a wonderful month!

Nieva Gatbonton




April 1st                                                             Easter

April 1st                                                             April Fools Day

April 16th-20th                                                Week of the Young Child

April 16th                                                           “Dinosaurumpus”  Children will go on a Dinosaur Dig

April 17th                                                           “Pout Pout Fish”  The children will go on a Bubble Adventure

April 18th                                                           ” Music Class Today”  The children will enjoy a music concert from our very own Music Matt

April 19th                                                           ” Let’s go on a Picnic”   The children will have an all school picnic and watch a puppet show

April 20th                                                          “The Very Grouchy Ladybug”  The children will go on a parade and ladybug release

April 27th                                                            Links to Learning Folders go Home

April 28th                                                           National Superhero Day

April 29th                                                            Arbor Day




We will be having a “Spring Cooking Class” with Ms. Esmeralda.  The children will be cooking up some yummy spring snacks.  Space is limited so please make sure you get your sign up in early.  The sign up forms are on the events board.


Does your child love music?  This would be a great class to put them in.  The children learn to read music, play various instruments from around the world, and learn new songs.  It’s not to late to sign them up.


April 20th the children will be participating in our annual Ladybug Celebration.  They will be learning the importance of ladybugs and then releasing over 1000 back into the earth.  Please feel free to join us.

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