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Only At Arlington

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools the competition is fierce. What makes families choose Merryhill School Arlington and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyAtArlington. Let us tell you more.

Family Matters

#OnlyAtMerryhill will you find a generation of learners creating leaders of the future. There is a reason we’ve educated children, their parents, and even their grandparents: we put family first. We involve families in our academic events, like STEAM nights, but also create a space for them to have fun while giving back to their communities through fundraisers that involve the whole school. We believe that love should not stop the second your child steps into the classroom. It should permeate from your home, to our school, and back. Your family is our family.

Our Special Projects
Community Outreach
Community outreach is an essential part of the Merryhill experience for both students and staff. For over 30 years, we have provided angel tree gifts for Child Protective Services during the holiday season, benefitting over 150 children annually. We have also hosted food, pajama, and other themed drives for our main partner, the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth, and other local organizations. This helps us extend our Merryhill family even further.
Multicultural Festival
The Multicultural Festival is an event where all grades complete a research study of the country or culture of their choice. Following their research, the whole school gathers to share traditions, foods, and experiences from around the world. This is not only a fun event full of color and good food, but a chance for all students to learn about and appreciate new cultures.
Our Resident Environmentalist
Multiple times a month, Ms. Marylee from the Arlington Environmentalists Organization joins Merryhill students to share amazing hands-on science activities. Activities have included analyzing animals and plants and reviewing scientific principles through real life experiences like determining if objects will float or sink by building a pirate ship. She brings amazing life and joy to science for our students.
Poetry Parade
Even our youngest learners participate in project-based learning. During National Reading Month, our preschoolers choose their favorite story or poem and learn to recite it. They dress up as characters from the story and act it out for everyone as they parade around the school.
Field Trips

Field trips are more than just a fun day away from the classroom. Here at Merryhill Arlington, field trips are a way to foster a student’s confidence and independence. As students grow, they take progressively longer, multi-day field trips where they are responsible for managing their needs, while learning about many different subjects.

Whether it’s immersing in outdoor science education or exploring U.S. history, field trips are a rite of passage that prepare students for what the future holds. In Texas, we’ve visited Waco, Galveston, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Our sixth and seventh graders have the chance to explore famous monuments in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, tour Congress, and even ride the subway!

Washington D.C.
Wolly Mammoth Mural
Learning about wildlife