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Ms. Charlotte Dannen - Third Grade

Hello everyone! So excited that we are back in school and I am so pumped to meet all of you and start a great learning year of 3rd grade.

Updated Friday 08-7-2020 03:54pm

Classroom Notes

We will be doing everything within our power to stay safe with social distancing and proper cleaning at school and within my own classroom, including:

●      Restriction of on-campus access to students, staff and outside vendors essential to campus operations; as such, we are limiting on-site access for both parents and visitors – including new procedures for 100% outside drop-off and pick-up.

●      Monitoring of all staff and students for flu-like symptoms, including daily temperature and health checks upon entering the campus

●      Required wearing of face coverings for all staff and students (specific student grade/ages requiring face coverings may vary; each campus will follow local government and health agency guidance)

●      Maintenance of safe, stable, small cohorts of students while on campus as mandated by state and local guidance,  which includes NO large group activities/gatherings and some capacity limits on class size

●      Frequent and regimented hand-washing for students and staff throughout each day

●      Frequent and regimented cleaning of high-touch surfaces, student materials and equipment throughout each day

●      Finally, our campuses are being stocked with personal protective equipment, including hand sanitizer, thermometers, disposal gloves and disposable face masks


  1. Friday, October 2, 2020

    1. Hearing and Vision Screening

      Hearing and Vision Screening

      All Day
    2. Spirit Day

      Spirit Day

      All Day
    3. BSLF 10:00 AM


      10:00 AM
  2. No Events