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Ms. Debbye Madison - Kindergarten

Kindergarten will be Great this year.  We will work on phonics, vowels, bossy e, and practice our counting and number recognition.  We begin our year with animal and plant needs.  In Social studies, we will follow Social Studies weekly.  We have the paper copy as we the online versions.  We will participate in various activities and have a great learning experience.




Updated Thursday 08-13-2020 07:24pm

Classroom Notes

Kindergarten is a challenging yet rewarding time, teachers are faced with teaching academic goals while making it fun for their students.  Here are some goals for this year:


  • Reads numbers 0-100
    ·Represents numbers 0-31
    ·         Counts forward to 100
    ·         Counts backward from 20-0
    ·         Counts to identify sets of numbers to 20
    ·         Names numbers one more and one less than (0-20)
    ·         Names numbers greater than and less than 20
    ·         Compares and orders whole numbers from 0-20
    ·         Finds sums and differences between numbers 0-10
    ·         Composes and decomposes numbers up to 10
    ·         Recognizes and continues patterns  abab  abbabb  abcabc  growing patterns 
    ·         Recognizes two and three dimensional shapes
               circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond/rhombus, oval
               sphere, cube, cone, cylinder
    ·         Sorts objects by attributes
    ·         Demonstrates concepts of measurement


  • Understands concepts of print
  • Demonstrates understanding of spoken words, syllables and sounds
  • Knows and applies decoding skills
  • Reads sight words
  • Reads grade level text fluently and accurately
  • Understands grade level text
  • Determines the meaning of words and phrases


  • Communicates idea through drawing, dictating and writing
  • Spells simple words phonetically
  • Prints legibly
  • Applies capitalization, punctuation and spacing


  • Sorts objects into two groups, those found in nature and human made
  • Describes changes in seasons and weather.
  • Differentiates between living and non-living
  • Makes accurate observations and comparisons of plants and animals
  • Sorts objects by color, size, shape and texture
  • Identifies the sun as a source of heat and light
  • Identifies the external parts of a variety of plants and animals

Social Studies

  • Names and understands school rules  
  • Distinguishes between needs and wants, goods and services  
  • Recognizes a map and a globe and identifies basic land forms  
  • Compares and contrasts the past and the present  

Personal Growth

  • Demonstrates effective organizational skills
  • Follows directions
  • Uses time wisely
  • Sustains attention throughout tasks
  • Listens attentively
  • Respects others and property
  • Follows school rules
  • Contributes positively to the group



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