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Mrs. Grethell Carr - Second Grade

Second Grade at Merryhill School is a self contained classroom providing a liberal arts and broad spectrum curriculum.

Students will focus on critical thinking skills as applied to the basics of mathematics,life science, citizenship and American History, world traditions, language arts and writing. Weekly and daily lessons are provided in Spanish,PE,Art and Music. Emphasis is placed on caring for one another and working as a team for the good of all.

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Classroom Notes

Our class will begin the semester by getting acquainted. We will review addition and subtraction skills while later working into multiplication, measurement and geometry using problem solving techniques.

Plants and life cycles will be explored as well as community and citizenship. Our goal is to develop a strong sense of belonging and responsibility in each student.


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Parents and students will become familiarized in First In Math, Raz Kids, Epic, Class Dojo and Seesaw for online resources as well as others.

Daily communication is provided through email, a parent portal and planners.

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