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Only At Durango

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools the competition is fierce. So what makes families choose Merryhill Elementary & Middle School and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyAtDurango. Let us tell you more.

“I Hope…” through Individualized Learning

At Merryhill Durango Elementary & Middle School, we hope all our students will love coming to school and learning. Through creating personalized action plans one-on-one with teachers, students can also express their own goals. Through our saying “I Hope…”, students set up a portfolio for themselves containing their personal goals for the school year. We encourage students to invest in themselves and take the small steps it takes to better themselves both academically and socially. Whether it be better test scores or moving up a reading level, personalized action plans allow our students to hope to improve, adopting the skills it takes to be successful.

Our Special Projects
Character Counts
Character counts here at Merryhill Durango. We always encourage our students to be their best selves, not only in the classroom but in their community. Past character counts have been “respect” and “kindness”. When students encompass these traits, their photos and acts are featured on the lobby board, not only to congratulate them but to inspire others.
Service Learning
Being kind is the essence of service learning, but it also holds deeper meaning for a lot of our students. They learn about real world issues and put critical thinking into action. Whether it be collecting toys for Toys for Tots around the holidays, delivering letters to veterans in hospice care on Veterans Day, or donating goods to disadvantaged teens. Service at our school is about giving back and fostering ambition to be globally aware citizens.
Our School Pet
Our school pet Rocky the tortoise has his very own habitat here at Merryhill Durango. Not only is he a fun representative of our school, but also a great learning tool. For example, our students learn about habitats, the environment, ecosystems, and even get to try and guess when he will come out of hibernation.
Haunted Merryhill
Around Halloween every year, our school takes things to the next level. Haunted Merryhill is a student led, school-wide event where our middle schoolers put together a ghost walk for the younger kids. But don’t worry, the only thing that’s spooky is how well they perform as historical figures and teach everyone their story!
Making a Splash!

We sure know how to make a splash here at Merryhill Durango Elementary! Our very own pool is open from March to October. During these months, we host a swim club and swim lessons. While there may not be any lakes nearby in Las Vegas, our campus has its own aquatic haven for our students to cool down. Our pool is a great place for students to build friendships, get in some movement, learn new skills, and just have fun!

Summer fun by the pool
Swim Lessons
Swim Club