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Our School

Dear Parent,

Merryhill Elementary on Durango Drive in Las Vegas has provided outstanding private kindergarten through fifth grade education since 1998. Over the years, parents have complimented us on our warm and enthusiastic teachers, our understanding of the needs of each child, and our rigorous, standards-based curriculum.

Our teachers are passionate, dedicated individuals who use their creativity and sensitivity to bring our well-rounded curriculum to life. They personalize lessons to ensure that instruction is stimulating and challenging for each student. We believe that beyond the core subjects, classes in art, music, technology, Spanish and physical education are essential to educating the whole child.

Rich and challenging content is the foundation of our curriculum; however, students need more than academic knowledge to achieve future success. Field trips enable students to make real life connections to lessons learned in the classroom. We take advantage of the rich resources in our area by visiting places such as the Anderson Dairy, Springs Preserve, Smith Center and the Natural History Museum.

Students receive the best possible education when parents are involved. We offer many convenient ways for parents to stay in touch with us including school newsletters, classroom webpages and teacher email. We are proud to say that effective communication among parents, teachers and staff is a way of life at our school.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a private tour. I look forward to meeting with you, gaining an understanding of your child’s educational needs, and discussing how we can work together to reach them.


Maria Zaccheo
Head of School, Merryhill Elementary School Durango