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Mrs. Lynda Loos - Third Grade

All About Third Grade

   Welcome to Mrs. Loos’s Class!

In THIRD GRADE, students ‘read to learn’.

Through books and the internet, you will find students engaged in reading, writing, 

science, technology, engineering, art, math, and “travel the world”.

 We learn about ourselves and our family history, and we follow the rules to become

safe, responsible, and respectful citizens. 

We research and learn about inventors and famous Americans,

great leaders, authors, phases of the moon and countries

through many fun and interesting projects as  

“lifelong learners”.

Third Grade is great!  Let’s make this year the best one yet!!

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Classroom Notes

Week of September26
Happy Weekend everyone!
Here is what we will be doing this week, September 26 -30.  Can you believe it’s almost October?
Language Arts:  We will be reading informational text about government and our constitution.  We will also learn ‘The Bill of Rights Rap’.  Our stories this week are American Places and The U.S. Constitution.  We will review strategies such as text ad graphic features, synthesize, finding central idea, and text structure.  In our grammar lessons, we will review verb tenses.  Students should know what a noun and verb are and name the subject and predicate of a sentence.  Vocabulary words are academic words that match the informational text:  delegates, convention, domestic, tranquility, welfare, posterity, loyal, sovereignty, democracy, civic.  Our spelling words are blends:  splash, strange, scratch, squeeze, squeak, squeal, scree, split, splat, sprain, sprint, strip, strap, scrap, easy, eighteen, elbow, program, straddle, splurge, scrawl, squirrel.  You can practice orally, do TIC TAC TOE or go online to kidsa-z.com.
Math:  In math we will finish Topic 3, Multiplication Facts and Properties.  The Topic 3 Test will be on Tuesday, 9-27.  Students should know their facts and vocabulary words:  Associative Property of Multiplication (grouping),  Commutative Property (order), Distributive Property (break apart one factor), Identity Property of Multiplication (one), Zero Property of Multiplication, multiples, factors, and product.
Social Studies:  We will be reading Studies Weekly and our Communities books, Chapter 11-12.  This is all about governments and the constitution.
Science:  Our plants are still growing.  Soon we will be learning more about Life Science.
Writing:  We are reading about the American Bald Eagle, taking notes, ad writing an expository essay on the bald eagle.  We will type the essay on ‘Pages’.
Dates to Remember:  
• 9/26:  Picture Day – Wear uniforms
• 9/27:  Math Topic    3 Assessment
• 9/28:  Early Dismissal 1:30 p.m.
• 9/28:  The U.S. Constitution Quizzes
• 9/29:  Vocabulary and Comprehension Test
• 9/30:  DLR, Spelling, and Grammar Tests

Lynda Loos

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Walt Disney


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