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Only At San Jose

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools, the competition is fierce. What makes families choose Merryhill Elementary and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyAtSanJose. Let us tell you more.

Dragon S.P.I.R.I.T.

At Merryhill San Jose, we encourage students to be their best selves. We embody the Dragon S.P.I.R.I.T (being strong, persistent, inclusive, resilient, innovative, trustworthy). We start every day with our morning meetings where we exchange greetings, share about ourselves, and learn about others. On a biweekly basis, we also focus on our Character Development program when we assemble as a school to explore and celebrate our 7 Habits of Happy Kids.

In a more literal sense, we also have Dragon Spirit overflowing through our halls. School pride and appreciation is in every conversation, exchange in the hallways, and even the smallest tasks throughout the day. This pride motivates our students to be their best because they know they have a great support system. Merryhill is not only a school, but it’s a family!

Our Special Projects
4th Grade Rube Goldberg Machines
Each year, our fourth grade class gets to create their very own Rube Goldberg machines, (commonly recognized as machines that showcase a chain reaction of objects). These machines require a great attention to detail and a ton of creativity. The students will engineer their Rube Goldberg machine from scratch with features such as levers, pulleys, and slides. Not only is this a fun, hands-on experience, but they can even use their machines for everyday tasks like opening a door or turning the pages of a book!
Art & Author’s Night
Creativity comes to life in a showcase of our students’ art and writing. Every spring, each student has two pieces of artwork framed and displayed in the multipurpose room. The students choose something they have written this year and add illustrations and a cover. The work is then bound into a book. The topics covered for the Art and Author's Night are multimedia collage, modern art, optical illusion art, idiom books, an ideal weekend, and much more! When the books are finished, the students are recorded sharing their work.
Buddy Bench
Our buddy bench is a bench for children to sit if they are looking for friends to play with. When other children notice a friend is on the buddy bench, they can invite them over to play so that no one feels left out. The bench, is a great way to promote the themes of kindness and belonging within our student body.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
When asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” our students don’t just think about a path they have to take. Rather, they think about all they can achieve and how they can apply their passions and interests into ways to change the world. This question culminates into a project where our students map out their future. This includes research on how they can transform interests into careers, brainstorming ways to better society, and reflecting on all they have learned in school and how that can shape their ambitions and goals.
We Build a Family

Merryhill San Jose is more than just a school – it’s also a family. Our students, staff, and parents are intertwined with the many amazing events we have to offer at the school in addition to academics and extracurriculars. We include families in fun activities such as our Trunk or Treat, Holiday in the Parking Lot, Coffee Chats, and Carnivals. Families are also involved in educational activities such as our Tech Challenge, Spelling Bee, Speech Competition, Math Competitions, and Maker Faire. It is important to us to build a strong relationship with our students and their families so that they love coming to school and always feel included.

Family Holiday in the parking lot
Mother's Day celebrations
Toy Drive
Winter Reading Challenge Hot Cocoa treat
Family Holiday in the parking lot
Our mascot the Dragon