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Our School

Dear Parent,

Since 1949, Merryhill Schools have provided high quality private education for children in the Sacramento area. In 2013, we continued the tradition by opening our new flagship school here in Midtown. The historic Newton Booth School building was renovated to accommodate 400 students in junior kindergarten through eighth grade and includes a digital media studio, gymnasium, three outdoor play areas and a well-equipped technology center.

We take pride in our rigorous, standards-based curriculum, while creating a fun learning environment. Our curriculum was designed by our education department, a team of highly-skilled experts in curriculum design, instruction and assessment. We provide opportunities for students to master skills, problem solve, make positive decisions, and practice higher level thinking. Teachers personalize lessons to ensure that instruction is stimulating and challenging for each student. We believe that beyond the core subjects, classes in art, music, technology, Spanish and physical education are essential to educating the whole child.

Rich and challenging content is the foundation of our curriculum; however, students need more than academic knowledge to achieve future success. We create dynamic and innovative projects that incorporate the development of 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration and creativity. Our teachers use learning activities and technology to connect students to the real world, integrate across subject areas, and allow students to initiate, plan and manage projects. In October 2018, our school was again recognized as an Apple Distinguished School from 2018-2021. Click here to view our multi-touch book or here to check out a non-interactive PDF version.

Learning and enrichment continue before and after school. Our after school program runs from 3:45 to 6:00 pm, and includes fun and educational activities such as art, music, drama, design, cooking and sports. We understand life can be hectic, and we are here to accommodate your busy schedule.

Our teachers and I share a commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience for every child. We look forward to meeting with you, gaining an understanding of your child’s educational needs, and discussing how we can meet them. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook to see some of the exciting activities going on at our school.


Elaine Westphal
Head of School, Merryhill School