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Mr. Brendan Manowski - 5th & 6th Grade English


Greetings Parents!

My name is Brendan Manowski and this is my 3rd full year of teaching at Merryhill school. I have a Bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University as well as 3+ years of continuing post-graduate work in the field of English Literature. I believe the foundation for any career begins with communication and critical thinking. My class will be working toward developing their communication skills every day. We do this by focusing on grammar, and by studying the etymology of vocabulary every day. Also, I aim to develop students’ critical-thinking and communication skills through writing and the study of how language works. We do this by first studying the rules of grammar, and then applying what we’ve learned into longer writing projects. Please keep in mind, middle school is a transitional time for your child and they will be taking on more responsibilities at school. But you may rest assured that the entire middle school team at Merryhill School is working together to give your child all the necessary tools to be successful as they look forward to later grades, high school, and beyond.

email: Brendan.vonmanowski@nlcinc.com

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