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February News

Message from the Principal:

Hello Rocklin Merryhill Families!

Ah, February – the month of love! And we do love our families here at Merryhill!

We have a very busy month planned for our students. We start the month with a week of special activities geared toward heart health awareness. These activities will serve two purposes: 1) to increase our students’ awareness of the benefits of exercise and good nutrition; 2) to collect funds for research programs for the American Heart Association. This also teaches our children about giving to a great cause. We’ll have special dress up days this week to further increase awareness about heart health.

The Tooth Fairy will visit this month and we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day with classroom parties. Our Pre K students will be going to visit the Merryhill Kindergarten. We have a Puppet Show presentation of Cinderella to help celebrate National Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Parent Reports come out this month too! And we also have a little something special for our parents – Parents’ Night Out!! Share a night out with your special someone on February 13. Who says Friday the 13th is bad luck?!

Priority registration for the 2015 – 2016 school year begins on February 17. This is the perfect time to register and save $50 off the registration fee. Paperwork will be available beginning February 17. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Don’t forget about our Merryhill Ambassador program. Receive a one week’s tuition credit when you refer a friend or family member who enrolls in any Merryhill program. Please see Ms. Aubrey or me about our referral program.


Sue Stewart, Principal

Upcoming Events

  • Feb. 2-6: Heart Health Awareness Week
  • Feb. 13: Classroom Valentine’s Parties
  • Feb. 13: Parents’ Night Out
  • Feb. 16: Presidents’ Day – School Closed
  • Feb. 17: Priority Registration for 2015-2016 Begins
  • Feb. 18: Pre-K Classes to Merryhill Kindergarten
  • Feb. 25: Parent Reports Go Home
  • Feb. 26: Kindergarten Orientation at Merryhill Elementary
  • Feb. 27: LTL Folders Go Home

News From Our Education Department

Learning About the Uses and Benefits of Technology

Children today have many opportunities to interact with technology for entertainment value and learning. Most often we think of children using computer technology, including handheld devices loaded with games, books, music and movies. In moderation, these devices can aid in children’s learning and development.

Within our academic curriculum, we involve children in activities and reflection on ways that technology can improve our understanding of the world around us, help us do our jobs, and make the world a better place. We help children see how the understanding of science and math moves technology forward, and that someday they too might create new and improved ways to do things.

Below are a few ways that we integrate technology in our classrooms and some ideas to try at home.

In the classroom: Beginning in our Intermediate program, students learn common technology vocabulary, such as mouse, keyboard and email. Students also explore the double meaning of verbs that describe online and offline activities, such as “tapping” and “surfing”.

At home: Dot. by Randi Zuckerberg is a great book to read with your child to continue the learning at home. Dot, the main character, is a tech savvy little girl who leaves her electronic devices at home while she taps, swipes and shares in the real world.

In the classroom: Teachers encourage our older preschoolers to use technology as a tool to express themselves. For example, students use a camera to take photos of seasonal changes outdoors and write what they observed in their journal. This activity promotes creativity and provides a fun opportunity to practice writing skills.

At home: Allow your child to explore his world using digital photography tools. Ask him to describe his photos and explain why he chose those objects or locations to photograph. Encourage him to use descriptive language and emotion vocabulary.

In summary, we provide numerous opportunities for children to explore technology in our classrooms. Through these activities, children become excited to use technology educationally, and are better prepared to use technology in elementary school and beyond.

– Lauren Starnes, PhD- Director of Early Childhood Education


Nut Free: We are a NUT FREE school. We do have some students with nut allergies and appreciate your help in keeping all of our children safe and healthy.
California licensing regulations require that parents sign children in and out, with drop-off and pick-up times, and a complete, legible signature. We will be highlighting your sign-in/out sheets on those days when you forget to sign in or out!

Tuition Options: We appreciate that you make every effort to make your tuition payments on time. As you are aware, tuition payments are due on Monday of each week (or on your child’s first day of attendance). To save you time, the headache of having to remember your checkbook every Monday and to avoid those pesky late fees, why not enroll in our automatic payment program at no charge. Please talk to Miss Sue or Miss Aubrey for more information.

Product Recall Binder: As a courtesy to our families we have a Product Recall binder in the front office. We post recall notices for products that our children or their siblings might use. We hope you find this information helpful.

Art Files: Please remember to check them at least once a week to pick up any correspondence between the office and/or teachers, along with your child’s amazing art work.

Clothing and Nap Items: Remember to update your child’s extra clothing as the seasons change and your child grows! Please label all of their items so we can return anything that may be forgotten at the end of the day. Any soiled items will be placed in plastic bags and put into your child’s cubby. Each child needs a blanket and crib size sheet for rest time. Sheets and blankets must be taken home on Fridays (or you child’s last day of attendance during the week), laundered and returned on the first day of attendance.

LTL Files: Links to Learning files are available on the last day of each month. These files provide you with information about the skills your child will learning in the upcoming month, as well as a snapshot of what has been accomplished in the current month through the work you will find in the folder.

Merryhill Elementary School: If you are interested in having your child stay with Merryhill School for kindergarten and beyond, please visit our elementary campus at 1115 Orlando Ave. in Roseville, just off of I-80 and Riverside Ave. The school contact information is 916-783-3010 or connie.curiel@nlcinc.com.

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