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February News

A Message From the Principal:


Hello Parents,

Love is in the Air!

We hope everyone is ready for a exciting month that February has in store for us here at Merryhill Frisco. This month we will be busy with Parent/Teacher Conferences, Community Heroes, and class parties just to name a few.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming events: The week of February 2nd – 6th will be the Winter Parent/Teacher Conferences. Please look in the sign-in/sign-out books upfront to make sure you have scheduled a time with your child’s teacher. If you are unable to attend a conference a telephone conference can be provided for you, please inform your teacher. On Thursday, February 12th is Wear Red or Pink Day and will have class parties that evening from 3:30pm -4:30pm, please plan to attend with your child.

Also on the morning of the 12th the Fire Department will come in for their annual school’s visit for the children. On Friday, February 13th from 6:30pm -10:30pm will host Parent’s Night Out so please sign up at the front desk no later than Wednesday, Feburary 11th. On Monday, February 16th, School will be Closed for Teacher In-Service, please make other arrangments for child’s care. We will have a Silly Sock Day on Wednesday, February 18th and the Frisco Public Librarian Visit on the 19th @9:30am. On Wednesday, we are asking all children to dress up as what they would want to be when they grow up for Career Day. And last, but not least we will honor our mothers by having “Muffins with Moms” on Friday, February 27th from 8:00am -8:30am.


Keisha Braggs, Principal
& Alice Dawson, Assistant Principal

Parent Referral Program!!


If there’s one thing parents love to do, it’s talk about their children’s successes. When friends ask you about your child’s experiences at Merryhilll Schoool, what type of sucess stories do you share? Do you mention the personal and educational discovieries your child is making thanks to our advanced curriculum? Do you talk about the new levels of self and social confidence your child has gained thanks to our encouraging atmosphere?

For every new child you refer who enrolls at our school and is enroll for 90 days, you’ll receive one FREE week of tuition for your child*.

It is our way of saying thanks for doing what comes naturally – singing the praises of your child and sharing your experiences with the Merryhill School difference!!


For Parents

Extra Curricular Programs

In addition to a full day of learning and play, we also offer the following ancillary programs for specialized enrichment:

News From Our Education Department

Learning About the Uses and Benefits of Technology

Children today have many opportunities to interact with technology for entertainment value and learning. Most often we think of children using computer technology, including handheld devices loaded with games, books, music and movies. In moderation, these devices can aid in children’s learning and development.

Within our academic curriculum, we involve children in activities and reflection on ways that technology can improve our understanding of the world around us, help us do our jobs, and make the world a better place. We help children see how the understanding of science and math moves technology forward, and that someday they too might create new and improved ways to do things.

Below are a few ways that we integrate technology in our classrooms and some ideas to try at home.


In the classroom: Beginning in our Intermediate program, students learn common technology vocabulary, such as mouse, keyboard and email. Students also explore the double meaning of verbs that describe online and offline activities, such as “tapping” and “surfing”.

At home: Dot. by Randi Zuckerberg is a great book to read with your child to continue the learning at home. Dot, the main character, is a tech savvy little girl who leaves her electronic devices at home while she taps, swipes and shares in the real world.


In the classroom: Teachers encourage our older preschoolers to use technology as a tool to express themselves. For example, students use a camera to take photos of seasonal changes outdoors and write what they observed in their journal. This activity promotes creativity and provides a fun opportunity to practice writing skills.

At home: Allow your child to explore his world using digital photography tools. Ask him to describe his photos and explain why he chose those objects or locations to photograph. Encourage him to use descriptive language and emotion vocabulary.

In summary, we provide numerous opportunities for children to explore technology in our classrooms. Through these activities, children become excited to use technology educationally, and are better prepared to use technology in elementary school and beyond.

– Lauren Starnes, PhD- Director of Early Childhood Education

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